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Monkey King Fishing: Win Big at MNLWin Casino

Monkey King Fishing by Fa Chai Gaming offers a unique and legendary journey inspired by the famous Monkey King. In this game, players on MNLWin can immerse themselves in an exciting fishing experience where the objective is to hit the Monkey King and win a generous 300X prize. The challenge is intensified with the thrilling Dragon Ball Battle, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

This game, available on MNLWin since May 2, 2020, boasts a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97% and a maximum multiplier of 1000x, providing ample opportunities for significant rewards. With its straightforward gameplay and engaging theme, Monkey King Fishing promises an entertaining and rewarding experience for all MNLWin users.

Key Information of the Game

Max Multiplier1000x
Released Date2020/05/02

Start Game Screen

Monkey King Fishing by Fa Chai Gaming offers players a legendary journey inspired by the famous Monkey King. Players on MNLWin can immerse themselves in an exciting fishing experience with the chance to win significant rewards. Choose from different lobbies for a tailored gaming experience.

VIP Lobby:

The VIP Lobby offers an exclusive experience with enhanced features and higher stakes. Ideal for seasoned players looking for a more thrilling and rewarding adventure.

Monkey King Lobby:

The Monkey King Lobby allows players to dive into the classic Monkey King Fishing gameplay. Enjoy a straightforward and engaging fishing experience inspired by the legendary Monkey King.

Dragon King Lobby:

The Dragon King Lobby introduces an additional layer of excitement with unique challenges and rewards. Perfect for players seeking a new twist on the traditional fishing game.

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Fishes and Their Multipliers in Monkey King Fishing

In Monkey King Fishing, players can encounter various fishes, each offering different multipliers. Knowing the multipliers associated with each fish can help players maximize their rewards. Here are the fishes you can use in the Monkey King Lobby:

Small Size Fishes

  • Seahorse (2x): The Seahorse is a small, elusive creature that offers a modest multiplier of 2x. It is perfect for beginners aiming to start accumulating rewards.
  • Lionfish (3x): The Lionfish, known for its striking appearance, provides a 3x multiplier. It adds a bit more excitement to the game with its slightly higher reward.
  • Angelfish (4x): The Angelfish is both beautiful and valuable, offering a 4x multiplier. It’s a great target for players looking to boost their winnings without too much risk.
  • Puffer Fish (6x): The Puffer Fish, with its unique ability to inflate, offers a rewarding 6x multiplier. This fish is an excellent catch for those aiming for bigger prizes.

Medium Size Fishes

  • Anglerfish (8x): The Anglerfish, with its distinctive glowing lure, provides an 8x multiplier. It’s a valuable catch that adds excitement to the game.
  • Coral Fish (15x): The Coral Fish is a rare and vibrant catch, offering a substantial 15x multiplier. It’s perfect for players looking to significantly increase their rewards.
  • Sea Turtle (10x): The Sea Turtle, a symbol of longevity and endurance, provides a 10x multiplier. This medium-sized fish is both a rewarding and iconic catch.
  • Electrical Eel (12x): The Electrical Eel, known for its shocking abilities, offers a thrilling 12x multiplier. It’s an exciting addition to the game, providing players with higher stakes and rewards.
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Large Fishes

  • Stingray (60x multiplier): Watch out for the electrifying Stingray! This sleek and powerful fish glides across the seabed, offering a substantial 60x multiplier on your bet.
  • Great White Shark (80x multiplier): Encounter the king of the ocean, the awe-inspiring Great White Shark! This magnificent predator boasts a thrilling 80x multiplier, sending shivers down your spine and potentially boosting your winnings significantly.
  • Narwhal (100x multiplier): Be mesmerized by the mystical Narwhal, a unicorn of the sea! This rare and elusive creature offers a legendary 100x multiplier, making it the most rewarding catch in the Monkey King Fishing game.

Monkey King Fishing Paytable

Fish TypeFish NameMultiplierBet Amount (₱)Payout (₱)
Small Size FishSeahorse2x₱10₱20
Small Size FishLionfish3x₱10₱30
Small Size FishAngelfish4x₱10₱40
Small Size FishPuffer Fish6x₱10₱60
Medium Size FishAnglerfish8x₱10₱80
Medium Size FishCoral Fish15x₱10₱150
Medium Size FishSea Turtle10x₱10₱100
Medium Size FishElectrical Eel12x₱10₱120

This paytable outlines the potential payouts based on different bet amounts for each fish type in

Why Choose Monkey King Fishing at Mnlwin?

  • High Return to Player (RTP): Enjoy a 97% RTP, significantly increasing your chances of winning big.
  • Max Multiplier of 1000x: Land the perfect catch and multiply your bet by a staggering 1000x!
  • Multiple Lobbies: Choose your playstyle from the VIP, Monkey King, or Dragon King Lobbies for a personalized experience.
  • Straightforward Gameplay: Easy-to-understand mechanics make Monkey King Fishing accessible to both new and experienced players.
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Play Monkey King Fishing at Mnlwin Casino

Experience an exciting escapade with Monkey King Fishing at Mnlwin Casino. This captivating game, inspired by the legendary Monkey King, boasts a rewarding 97% RTP and a thrilling 1000x multiplier on your wagers. Choose your adventure from a variety of lobbies, each catering to different preferences. Encounter a diverse array of fish, offering a range of rewards from smaller but consistent payouts to impressive hauls with significant prizes. 

With its straightforward gameplay and the prospect of substantial wins, Monkey King Fishing offers an enjoyable experience for both new and experienced casino players. Dive in and discover the treasures that await!

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