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Jackpot Fishing: Play at MNLWIN for Ultimate Rewards

Jackpot Fishing by Jili, a real-money game from JILI Games, offers an exciting fishing experience with three jackpot pools and a five times higher chance of winning big prizes. Featuring impressive 3D visuals, this game allows up to three players to play together.

When people think of jackpots, they usually picture slot machines. However, since its launch in 2019, JILI Jackpot Fishing has gained popularity for its progressive cash prizes, becoming a trendsetter in 2022.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Jackpot Fishing

Beginner's Guide: How to Play Jackpot Fishing
Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Jackpot Fishing

Understanding the game mechanics, setting your bet, and choosing the appropriate game room are essential for enjoying this fishing game. The following guide offers insights into how to participate and have fun.

Automatic Shooting (Target Control)

The gameplay is simplified by the auto-shoot feature, which automatically targets the fish. This allows players to focus more on strategically choosing their targets rather than manually aiming and shooting.

Choosing Your Weapon:

Players have the option to select between two types of weapons:

  • Torpedoes: These powerful weapons are highly effective for catching large fish. Each use of a torpedo will deduct six times the current bet from the player’s balance. It is advisable to use torpedoes wisely to target high-value fish and maximize the chances of winning.
  • Electric Guns: This special weapon is available for free and operates based on the energy accumulated from the player’s bets. Once fully charged, the electric gun can release a powerful shot that can instantly eliminate multiple fish in the pond. Strategic use of the electric gun can significantly boost the chances of winning by maximizing firepower.
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Changing Your Bet

Adjusting your bet allows you to customize your wager based on your strategy and preferences. Assess the game’s progress, potential rewards, and your balance to determine your bet amount. Remember, your overall bet affects your jackpot-winning chances, so thoughtful bet adjustments can significantly impact your success.

Making Your Bet and Picking Paylines

After understanding the game mechanics, place your bet and select paylines. Jackpot Fishing offers various stake limits, so choose the one that suits your risk level, budget, and gaming plan.

Choosing Your Play Area

Once your bet is set, select a play area for your fishing adventure. Jackpot Fishing provides various play areas, each with a unique atmosphere and features. Choose the area that fits your preferred gaming environment:

  • Pleasure Room: Bet between 0.1 and 50.
  • King Room: Bet between 1 and 100.
  • King Room (VIP): Bet between 1 and 100.

Exploring Jackpot Fishing Features

Exploring Jackpot Fishing Features
Exploring Jackpot Fishing Features

Jackpot Fishing offers an exhilarating blend of strategic gameplay and exciting rewards. With its unique fish types, powerful weapons, and varied betting options, players are guaranteed an engaging experience. 

Effects Fish

In Jackpot Fishing, players will encounter special fish with unique traits that offer additional rewards. Targeting these special fish activates their powers, leading to more cash prizes. 

Here are some notable special fish to look out for:

  • Thunder Shark: Hitting the Thunder Shark triggers a lightning effect that randomly strikes nearby fish. This can increase the chances of hitting multiple targets at once.
  • Torpedo Crab: Defeating the Torpedo Crab sets off an explosive display. The game launches bombs at nearby fish, improving the odds of hitting multiple targets and earning more cash rewards.
  • Sea Anemones: Eliminating Sea Anemones releases a whirlwind, causing chaos among the fish. This can be used to target more fish and increase the chances of winning.
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The Torpedo is a powerful weapon for attacking large fish. Each use deducts six times the current bet, so it should be used strategically.

Special Fish

Shooting special fish increases the win rate, with the chance to win up to five times the Super Win.

Immortal Ocean King

Target the Giant Octopus and Golden Shark to earn constant cash prizes. These fish cannot be defeated, and players have only a limited time to shoot them before they swim away. Each shot should be made to count for valuable rewards.

Treasure Bowl

Targeting the Treasure Bowl initiates a shooting spree, leading to extra cash rewards. Continuous shooting builds up winnings, and if the Treasure Bowl is defeated, a significant bonus is awarded.

Jackpot System

  • Conditional Prize: To qualify for a special prize, bets should range from 0.2 to 0.6. Staying within this range can lead to generous rewards.
  • Lucky Prize: For a chance at exciting wins, bets should range from 0.8 to 4.0. Being fortunate within this range can bring extra rewards.
  • Grand Prize: To aim for the big jackpot, bets should range from 5 to 100. Keeping an eye on this top prize and trying to win it can result in massive rewards.

Free Electric Cannon

Shooting accumulates energy, which, when full, allows the player to summon the Electric Cannon. This triggers a large-range attack. Energy conversion is based on the bet proportion, and discharge aligns with the current bet. Energy resets after the discharge is complete or if the game disconnects for three minutes or the player leaves.

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Play Jackpot fishing with MNLWin

Ready to experience the thrill of Jackpot Fishing at MNLWin? This fishing game is an adventure filled with action, strategic gameplay, and the potential for significant rewards awaits. The platform, designed to be user-friendly, offers various features that enhance the gaming experience, such as automatic shooting and special fish with unique rewards. With three jackpot pools and impressive 3D visuals, the chances of winning big are plentiful. Secure and reliable, MNLWin ensures fair play and robust security. 
Accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, the excitement of Jackpot Fishing can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Join MNLWin today, cast your line, and reel in substantial prizes.

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